Monthly Archive: July 2021

Community and connection changes lives

When Kaylene Reeves from Norlane Community Initiatives is asked about how her organisation can change lives, she has a powerful story to tell. “Ten years ago, we started working with a family made up of a single mum with six children,” she says. “One of the children was struggling with ADHD and the medication he...

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Students pay it forward

Katrina Reynen from Skyline Education Foundation has spent enough time around students to realise one vital thing. “The students themselves are their own best role models,” she says. “They know that if they can see it, they can be it.” The community organisation provides intensive financial, educational, emotional, and practical support to gifted and academically...

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Providing homes for those in need

The social housing crisis is right here, right now, and it’s urgent. This is the motivation for Roger Hastrich from Sirovilla, an organisation providing affordable housing in the Geelong region, to ensure more is done in our community for low-income older people. Greater Geelong has the second highest rate of homelessness in Victoria, with house...

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At risk youth given a second chance

Eight years ago, Andy Brittain met a young Geelong boy he knew needed help. “He hated life,” Andy says. “He was a victim of family violence, and he was completely disconnected from school and the community. He was very anti police and authority.” A policeman himself at the time, Andy was running programs to support...

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Family Crisis Image Enlarged

Struggling Families

Even before the pandemic hit, we have a problem with struggling families in our Region. However COVID19 has definitely made things worse. There has been a 20% increase in family violence in Greater Geelong. This was during the 12 month period to September 2020. In addition there has been a 33% increase in breaches of...

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Mike And Glenys Deam 2

The wonder of compound interest

Albert Einstein is reputed to have said, ‘Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.’ It’s an adage Mike Deam lives by when giving. Mike, his wife Glenys and their two adult children make up the Deam Family Fund, a Geelong Community Foundation sub fund. “I started my investment journey in the 1970’s and...

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Wightons Lawyers Larger

Giving made easy for business

Wightons Lawyers has a simple ethos: ‘We’re here to help’. It’s a philosophy that extends to the entire Geelong community. “We’re here to help our clients through the good and bad and to plan for the future,” says Managing Director Justine Finlay, “and we feel the same way about our broader community. We really believe...

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Surf Coast Secondary College Sip Larger

Knowledge leads to compassion

Sometimes there’s only one barrier stopping young people making a difference in our community: a lack of knowledge. This was the powerful lesson learned by Surf Coast Secondary College recently through this year’s Schools in Philanthropy program. The program, established by the Geelong Community Foundation in 2011, allows VCAL students to work with community organisations...

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Grantnight2021 02

Foundation News

The Geelong Community Foundation has announced the achievement of a major milestone – breaking the $30 million mark after 21 years in Geelong. Foundation Chair Hayden Torney said the achievement meant more grants could be made to local charities in the region with over $1 million in grants to 54 community organisations in the 2020-21...

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North Geelong Secondary College

More than the money

Here’s a question every philanthropist should ask themselves: How can we ensure the money we give is worth more than its dollar value? Nicholas Adamou, Principal of North Geelong Secondary College, has an answer. It’s worth more when it means a student can turn up to school with the right supplies. It’s worth more when...

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