2022 P500 Grant Recipient Announcement

The $75,000 P500 grant for 2022 has been awarded, via donor vote, to Wombat’s Wish.

A very emotional Pitch and Vote Night was held last night at Geelong West Town Hall in front of 190 P500 donors and their guests.  The three presentations were moving, inspirational, informative and made you proud to live in a community where we have so many great organisations to help those in need and so many generous donors willing to get behind the organisations to make their dreams a reality.

Wombat’s Wish provide support to children and families impacted by the loss of a parent and through the P500 grant will employ a part time psychologist to extend their work and provide critical 1:1 support.

“Wombat’s Wish has achieved so much already raising awareness of our important support, developing and piloting new programs, increasing our weekend camp program to 11 camps per year and supporting so many families across our region, to employ a part time psychologist was a dream for Wombat’s Wish.” said Manager, Nicki Dunne.

“The P500 donors have made our dream come true.  I just do not have the words to explain how much the support means to us.  You have truly made a difference to the lives of children and young people who have had a parent die.  To be able to provide ongoing grief counselling to our most vulnerable children will change their lives, help them cope with day to day living and work through their most difficult days.

Thank you to all P500 Donors and the Geelong Community Foundation for your amazing support to so many charities in Geelong. Raising awareness of the important work we all do throughout Geelong and your gift of philanthropy is invaluable to all of us.”

Sincere thanks to the 261 P500 donors who supported our 202 campaign to deliver the $75,000 grant.

Here’s the Wombat’s Wish introduction video as a reminder of the life changing work this grant will have for young people and their families.