AllStar Youth Basketball Scholarship Fund

This exciting Sub Fund at the Geelong Community Foundation brings together a partnership between donors, a sporting association and a youth services provider.

The Geelong Community Foundation has been able to link Geelong United Basketball Association and Barwon Child Youth Family Services (BCYF) with key donors to enable a lasting fund to help support BCYF clients to play basketball in an opportunity that may not have been available in the past through a scholarship grant. The program commenced in 2021-22.

Mark Neeld CEO of Basketball Geelong says, “We are thrilled to partner with BCYF and the Geelong Community Foundation to provide the opportunity for Geelong youth to be involved with community sport and be afforded all the positives that come with this, that they otherwise may not have been able to experience.”

Julia Ladgrove Fundraising Manager at BCYF says, “The partnership supports BCYF’s vision of a community where people are safe, connected and empowered to live well. We know that, not all families in our community are in a position to provide an opportunity for their children to participate in sports. The scholarship is a pathway to connect a family or young person to basketball which can make positive social changes such as building self-confidence, promotion of good mental health and wellbeing, and providing skills for everyday life.”

If you would like to join the already existing donors to this Sub Fund, please make your deposit marked for the AllStar Youth Basketball Scholarship Sub Fund. Like all Geelong Community Foundation Sub Funds, your gifts will continue through the years supporting Geelong’s youth and sporting talent in the region.

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