Alsop Family Fund

Tony and Christine Alsop and their family are very pleased to be able to contribute to the Geelong Community Foundation.  The fact that the Foundation has the capacity to reach so many people was a very important factor in their decision to establish a named fund.

The Alsop family has been a part of Geelong since the 1840s; as such it is imperative to the family members that Geelong, as a region, does well not just because their business head office is located in Geelong (the AGB Group of Companies) but because the family resides here as well.

One way the Alsop family has been able to give back to the community is through Community Veracity in a very practical way by their “hands on” efforts with this organisation.  The Foundation formulates another way for them to contribute to the community so that their help reaches other deserving organisations, many of which have become known only as a result of the Foundation’s support.  “Community” is very important to the Alsops, who affirm that it is this aspect that makes Geelong strong – even in trying times.

Christine and Tony said “Geelong is a unique place with so many people who care about each other: this is the kind of place in which we want our grandchildren to grow up.  Somewhere you can depend on the neighbours (and, after all, we are all neighbours).  That is why we contribute to the Foundation: to make sure that our modest contributions grow along with those of others, under the guidance and expert management of the Board.”