Brian & Elizabeth Wood Fund

Brian and Elizabeth Wood lived in Geelong for over 40 years. Brian grew up near Warrnambool and boarded at Geelong College. He then embarked on a career in agribusiness, which took him to various centres throughout Western Victoria and Melbourne. Elizabeth grew up in Melbourne and Seymour and after qualifying as a secondary school teacher served in Terang, Hamilton and other centres, and has worked as a volunteer for “Uniting” for over 20 years.

Both Brian and Elizabeth grew up in caring families with a strong social conscience. They have benefited from community support themselves and were keen to assist where there is a need.  Through the Geelong Community Foundation, they identified that they could make a small contribution towards making a difference, and they were particularly attracted to the “Capital Fund” concept whereby their contribution is able to provide funds for worthwhile causes on an ongoing basis.  Brian passed away in 2021.

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