Brockman Family Fund

Pat and John Brockman


John and Patricia Brockman decided to establish a Named Sub Fund in order to simplify their giving process. Their generosity had led them to become supporters of many charitable organisations, so they were pleased to be able to consolidate their giving through one local source. Their ability to have a philanthropic outreach that continued to build into the future beyond their passing was a further attraction to them: something often but incorrectly viewed as being possible only for the very wealthy.

An active community member and successful businessman, John was also the organist and choirmaster at St. Paul’s Anglican Church for 66 years. In that time, he presented many great masses and requiems by the classical composers. The Carol Service of the Nine Lessons held at Christmas was legendary. He believed that good music was a power for good in the community and was passionate about instilling this philosophy into young people.

For many years, John and Pat were the driving forces behind the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s ongoing presence in Geelong. John was instrumental in securing the continuance of MSO concerts in Geelong when it was announced in 1987 that concerts here would cease. He ranked as one of only three MSO life members, alongside Sir Elton John and Professor John Hopkins.

Pat, a lyric soprano, was born in Perth, WA and moved to Melbourne after having toured the eastern states giving concerts and broadcasts, following her winning of the ABC’s “Concerto & Vocal Competition”. She was on tour with the MSO when she met John after a Geelong concert.

John and Pat married in 1962 and raised four daughters, all musicians: Miranda, Cecilia, Rosalind and Katharine. John had three children from his first marriage to Jean, a fine concert pianist: Stephen – flautist and conductor – and Francine and James, both of whom pre-deceased him. John passed away in July 2013.

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