Darryn Lyons Fund

Darryn Lyons


Known for his colourful hair and business ventures, Darryn Lyons lives by one simple philosophy: “think big”.

Born and educated in Geelong, Darryn first worked as a photographer for the Geelong Advertiser. In 1987, he moved to London with only $500 and a determination to make it internationally. This determination saw him take on the role of freelance photographer at the world-renowned newspaper, the Daily Mail. Darryn started as a war and journalistic photographer and between 1991 and 1992 he completed two tours of Sarajevo. His role led him to be kidnapped in Bosnia and cover revolutions in both Romania and Czechoslovakia. He also covered the historically significant fall of the Berlin Wall, an achievement which landed him the coveted Press Photographer and Best News Photographer awards.

“Mr Paparazzi” himself is in high demand among the media in Europe and Australia. Coming sixth in 2011’s Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, Darryn donated his winnings to the Geelong Community Foundation through the Darryn Lyons Fund. Early in 2012, he donated the winnings from his time on the Australian TV show, Excess Baggage.

Despite all of his travels and business ventures, Darryn still believes there is no greater place than home. As an International Ambassador for Geelong, he is proud to say he is from Australia where his vision started all those years ago. Darryn is pleased to give back to his hometown through a Named Sub Fund with the Geelong Community Foundation. With more than $160,000 in the Darryn Lyons Fund, he has shown his continued support of the Geelong area, which he is proud to call home.

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