Deam Family Fund

Let’s start our story where my wife & I met in Hawthorn. Hawthorn had the Hawthorn Community Chest which we gave to on a regular basis to assist in removing the many door knockers who continued to ask for money. It has a similar objective to the Geelong Community Foundation (local charities support) but there was no corpus being created it was just money in & money out at that time. It was convenient but there was nothing strategic or planned about it.

Circumstances change & we move to Ballarat for 13 years as the kids grew up & completed schooling. Philanthropically we selected a number of local projects but they were more directly connected to us. We then decided for various reasons to move to Geelong & did so at the end of 2010.

On discussion with Adam Blennerhassett, our broker from JB Were, one day I mentioned the Hawthorn Community Chest story & he told me about the Geelong Community Foundation where he was involved as an advisor. A meeting with Andrew Lawson & the Deam Family Fund was born.

We have attended a few presentations from the Geelong Community Foundation & was always pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of causes it becomes involved with. As with most things you get out of it more than people realise, particularly if you attend a grant night & see/talk to people about the projects & what the gift from the Geelong Community Foundation means to them & their organisation.

Having a Named Fund does give you some focus to your giving & an on-going interest in watching where the donation is invested to help the people of Geelong & its region. The corpus means that we don’t have to raise collectively $1 Million each year to be able to give away $1 Million in donations. ¬¬

Our relatively short time with the Geelong Community Foundation has given us a wonderful insight into all the great work being done around the Geelong Region.

Our message to anyone wanting to start a Fund is that it’s as important to keep donating to the Fund consistently as it was to start it in the first place. You will find that the consistent donation will enable a Fund to build up to a surprising sum much sooner & much larger than you imagined. But the first thing to do is to create that Fund if you’ve not already done so.