G Wood Family Fund

Graeme Wood was born in Geelong in 1940 and educated at North Geelong Primary School and the Geelong Junior Technical College in Moorabool St. He lived with his family in West Geelong and earned his pocket money with a paper round for Schafters Newsagency. His childhood playground covered Geelong West and particularly the saleyards and the abattoir where he worked during school holidays.

Following the Junior Tech years, Graeme obtained a plumbing apprenticeship with W C Dunn and Son where he worked for eight years before moving to Quick and Fowler Plumbers.

At Quick and Fowler he worked on many jobs with the Housing Commission in the late 1960s. After four years at Q & F Graeme, moved to P J Hatwell Builders for two years before starting his own plumbing business as a partnership with wife Joan on March 11, 1970. Sadly, in 1984 Joan died and since then Graeme has continued operating G J and J F Plumbing and it is still in operation today. Over the years he has worked on many new homes with builders such as Hepburns and Len Bell and Son. He also worked at various times on jobs at the Ballarat Brewing Company which originally was the Volum Brewery in Geelong.

Joan and Graeme had three daughters and a son, Andrew, who has his own plumbing business, Andrew Wood Plumbing today.

Graeme is a great contributor to community through his 23-year membership of Belmont Rotary. He has worked on 12 Rotary community building projects in Australia, New Guinea, Fiji, Samoa and Vanuatu. Graeme is also a member of the Combined Probus Club of Belmont Central. The services of a competent plumber is of prime importance on projects of this type.

Graeme is Geelong through and through and to add to his community work to date, he has established a fund in the Foundation which will continue to give permanent support for our community in the years ahead.

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