J & C Gulli Family Fund

Jim and Catherine Gulli were born in Geelong and have lived in this city for over 40 years.  Both studied mathematics and science at Deakin University where they met and were married shortly after graduating. They have four children.

Jim works in Melbourne within the financial services industry while Catherine is a teacher and Year Level Co-ordinator at Sacred Heart College, Geelong.  It was as a YLC that Catherine was first introduced to the Geelong Community Foundation.  Sacred Heart College was privileged to be chosen to participate in the Schools In Philanthropy program and Catherine was asked to co-ordinate and assist in the implementation of this program.  It was during this time that Catherine saw the valuable work that the GCF does for others within the Geelong region.

Jim and Catherine were both raised in families that believed in helping others.  Jim, being reared in a first generation Italian household, knew the importance of giving the produce of their family garden, and kitchen, to neighbours, friends and acquaintances; while Catherine’s parents believed in the old adage spend 80% of your earnings, save 10% and give away 10%.  Jim and Catherine have supported charitable organisations throughout their married life but see the GCF as an effective way of distributing financial aid to worthy organisations within the Geelong community.  They know that the GCF has a better understanding of the needs of people within this region, and can ensure their donation is used most efficiently.