Norma and Grenville (Rod) Roddick Estate

Norma and Grenville (Rod) Roddick


Gifts in wills offer the opportunity to leave something meaningful to the community, which is what the late Norma Roddick decided to pursue.

The only daughter to Will and Nellie Acres, Norma was born in Preston in 1920. From eight years of age, Norma began holidaying in Point Lonsdale and, over the years, got to know a lot of the young people of “the Point”. One of these people was Grenville “Rod” Roddick, who was the son of the owners of Merrilyn Guest House.

In May 1944, Norma and Rod got married at Christ Church in Geelong. Following Rod’s service in the war, he joined the Public Works Department as Point Lonsdale’s lighthouse keeper and worked there for 34 years. During this time, Norma and Rod lived in the Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff lighthouse keepers’ houses.

Norma and Rod’s animals were their family, especially their boxer dogs. “If it didn’t fit in with the dogs, it couldn’t be done,” shares Pauline Truman, who was Norma’s carer in her later years of life. Norma and Rod also had a shared interest in the Fort Queenscliff Museum and the Queenscliffe Historical Museum. Some of the most fond memories from Norma’s life include being a life member of the Fort Queenscliff Museum and the Queenscliffe Historical Museum, as well as a member of the Boxer Association of Victoria. Norma also supported the Geelong Animal Welfare Society, RSPCA (Vic) Foundation, Jirrahlinga Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary, Cherished Pets Foundation and Guide Dogs Victoria. In addition, she was a proud member of her local Probus Club and church.

In 1998, Rod sadly passed away. Norma then moved into their unit in Point Lonsdale where she became actively involved with her community through activities such as tai chi, swimming, massage therapy and lunches at the bowls club with new and old friends. When Norma was 101 years of age, she passed away and was reunited with her husband. “She was glad to be joining Rod,” says Pauline, but had lived a wonderful life at “the Point”.

Norma and Rod were passionate about the care of domestic animals and people in aged-care facilities within the Geelong region and Bellarine Peninsula, which is why they believed that part of their estate should benefit these areas through a gift in their wills to the Geelong Community Foundation. As a result of their contribution to the community, the Norma and Grenville (Rod) Roddick Named Fund has donated $260,000 to the Foundation.

Leaving a gift in your will to the Geelong Community Foundation is a meaningful way to ensure that your legacy lives on in the community. Gifts in wills allow the Foundation to build a long-term and reliable funding stream for the future wellbeing of our region. If you’re thinking about leaving a gift in your will, follow this link for more information:  Bequests

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