Mark & Kathryn Osborne Fund

This fund is in honour of Robin and Marjorie Gray, who would be aghast at the thought of having a Fund created in their names because they were humble people and did not like fanfares. They were typical of the everyday mums and dads who serve the community quietly, without raising any attention to themselves.

It is partly for this reason that this Fund has been established by their daughter and son-in-law, in recognition of the people in the community who weather the storms of life, maintain honesty and integrity and faithfully serve their family and community behind the scenes.

Many decades ago, Robin and Marjorie lost their nine-month-old daughter Julie-Anne in a motor vehicle accident, but no bereavement support was available for such losses in those days. Thankfully, today we live in a society that does recognise and respond to the needs of those impacted by such loss. The Mark & Kathryn Osborne Fund has therefore been established to assist and support those who face a similar journey.

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