Ron Thompson Scholarship Fund

Ron Thompson


This scholarship honours the memory of Ron Thompson, a local man with a passion for teaching, and for seeing young people achieve their full potential. The scholarship provides a grant to students in their final years of secondary school at Oberon High School, with the aim that those students will be able to take up opportunities otherwise unavailable to them, or be better able to concentrate on their studies due to reduced economic stress.

Ron was raised in Heathcote, central Victoria, and was one of only two students from his local primary school who went on to secondary schooling. He then studied teaching at university, under a government program which provided free tuition, an opportunity which otherwise would not have been available to him. Shortly after graduation he gained a place at Oberon High School, where he remained until retirement. Ron loved teaching and engaged readily with students. Known as Thommo throughout the school he would be enthusiastically hailed by many students in the local area when out and about, whether current students or those who had graduated twenty years previously.

Ron was killed in a cycling accident in 2009, his untimely death inspired family and friends to set up the Scholarship Fund.

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