Named Sub Funds

Named Sub Funds are a growing way philanthropists can give to the Geelong Community Foundation.  The gift in these cases can carry the name of the donor or the donor’s family. The name may honour someone or preserve the memory of a family member, friend, pioneer or outstanding citizen.

Named Sub Funds often bear the name of the family or of a significant person or business. There are more than 200 named funds in the Foundation.

You can establish your own named sub fund for as little as $10,000 which can be paid over a three year period. Donor advice is encouraged and is used to target issues of interest to donors, aligned to targeted areas of need in the community.

An example of Intergenerational contributions to a Family Sub Fund can be viewed here

Donors can remain anonymous or choose their level of involvement and profile. Opportunities will be made to donors to attend forums, grant presentations and information sessions.

Please contact our Foundation staff to discuss any aspect of our work or your donation.