2019 P500 Campaign

The Sanctuary- Compressed


In 2019, 181 people donated $500 to enable a grant of $52,500 ($45,250 from donations + $7,250 interest from the endowment fund) to be awarded to The Sanctuary Counselling Centre for their ‘Family Support Project’; a specialist grief and loss counsellor for 2.5 days per week for 12 months to support individuals and their families to manage the challenge of living with a life-challenging illness or bereavement.

This project will provide free or low-cost counselling and music therapy for people living with a life-challenging illness or bereavement. The program offers individual or family counselling and music therapy; group activities; choir, song-writing and mindfulness workshops which evidence shows can help people feel supported, connected and build their resilience to cope.

Many people find it difficult to ask for help. This broad range of therapeutic options and removal of financial barriers makes it as easy as possible for people to seek the help they need.

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