Collective giving for Geelong

2017 Program Update

On Friday 17 November, the Geelong Community Foundation will hold its inaugural Philanthropy 500 (P500) event at the Eastern Hub where three local charities – Samaritan House, Lazarus Community Centre and Gateways Support Services – will pitch their cause to P500 donors for the chance to secure a one-off $22,500 grant.

More information about each of the finalists is available here to support the decision making of the P500 donors who will vote on the night to decide which of the three organisations will received the grant.

What is Philanthropy 500?

100 people @ $500 = $50,000 high impact gift to our local community
A new way of giving to the Geelong Community Foundation

“By giving $500, and having it become part of a $50,000 gift, I feel like a major donor. The impact we can make as a group is inspiring” – Bridgette Kelly, Chair, P500 Committee

Philanthropy is for everyone: everyone should have the opportunity to create positive social change in their community. Established in 2000, the Geelong Community Foundation has over 100 substantial donors, all who understand the purpose and fulfilment that philanthropy brings. In 2017, Philanthropy 500 was established to engage new donors who are keen to contribute to supporting our community and to experience first-hand the high impact of collective giving.

Philanthropy 500 (P500) provides a collective giving group within the Geelong Community Foundation that will make a lasting difference to the people of the Geelong region.

How it works

Philanthropy 500 aims to highlight unmet needs in our community, to increase involvement in philanthropy across Geelong and support life-changing community programs. Our strategy is to make one primary grant each year and to grow an endowment fund collectively.

The $500 gifts of one hundred people will be pooled to make a $25,000 grant to a local charity of the group’s choosing and to establish a $25,000 endowment fund in the group’s name. Donations are tax-deductible. The P500 endowment provides a lasting gift to our community. Your contribution is added to the Foundation’s existing corpus of over $20 million from which income is derived for annual distribution as grants. Administration of the fund is just 1% of corpus.

Community wellbeing impact

In 2017, the inaugural grant will focus on making a valuable impact on community wellbeing in the Geelong region. Members of Philanthropy 500 will gather at a special event in November to hear finalist presentations and vote on which local charity will receive a transformative grant of $25,000. The finalists and successful grantee will benefit from a raised public profile, potentially attracting additional funding.

Why join?

Philanthropy 500 is inclusive, informed, rewarding, social, powerful and crucial to a sustainable community.

The Geelong Community Foundation believes more people would be philanthropic if inspired to be so. This circle of giving engages younger generations and other new donors to understand the importance and benefits of philanthropy. By providing an accessible entry level for family giving, Philanthropy 500 is also an opportunity to build children’s awareness of philanthropy. P500 members will experience the satisfaction of being involved in powerful, engaged philanthropy.

On the 8th August, P500 members will also have the opportunity to gain insights into the community by attending a presentation by community leaders who are doing incredible work in our region to address challenges regarding community wellbeing.

Read more in the Philanthropy 500 brochure.

Join us

A gift of $500 or more secures your place in this giving circle. Donate $500 today or give $100 a month for five months to make a lasting positive impact on the Geelong community.

P500 Donation Options & Donor Form

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For further information about Philanthropy 500, please contact:

Gail Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 03 5244 7831
Mobile: 0431 059 905

Sally Friend, Development Manager
Tel: 03 5244 7830
Mobile: 0403 523 300

Philanthropy 500 Committee

Thank you to our P500 committee members:

Bridgette Kelly, Harwood Andrews – Chairperson
Shelly Taylor, GHD – Vice-Chair
Shona De Forest, GMHBA – Secretary
Melinda Planken, Muirfield Financial Services
Charlie MacKinnon, Baillieu Holst
Matt Torney, Muirfield Financial Services
Hayden Baker, Bendigo Bank
Penny Whitehead, Geelong Community Foundation Board
Lachie McColl, Geelong Community Foundation Board

Philanthropy 500 (P500) is a giving circle that has established a collective giving account within the Geelong Community Foundation. Donations to P500 are tax-deductible.