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2021 Adroit Golf Day Capital Grant awarded to Geelong Youth Engagement (GYE)

Adroit Insurance & Risk together with the Geelong Community Foundation are very excited to announce Geelong Youth Engagement is the successful recipient of the 2021 Adroit Insurance & Risk Charity Golf Day Grant of $75,000. The funds will go towards purchasing a bus to transport participants involved in GYE’s new resilience program, Spring Back Geelong.

GYE has been working and planning on rolling out a resilience-based program aimed at young people dealing with social challenges named Spring Back Geelong. The purchase of the bus will enable the offer this service to participants who, in the past, may not have been able to attend due to a lack of transportation. GYE is incredibly grateful to Adroit Insurance & Risk, The Geelong Community Foundation and their supporters for helping bring this vision to reality,” shares Andy Brittain, CEO of Geelong Youth Engagement.

“The benefits from the funds we raised are far-reaching, thanks to the great work of Geelong Youth Engagement and Geelong Community Foundation,” adds Adroit Insurance & Risk Managing Principal, Darrell Fenton.

2019 Adroit Golf Day Capital Grant awarded to Gateways Support Services

Gateways Support Services were awarded the 2019 Adroit Capital Grant thanks to the staff of Adroit Insurance & Risk.
The Sawyers Arms hosted the Adroit Risk & Insurance staff, who observed and voted on pitches from three Geelong community organisations all vying for the $100,000 grant. Gateways Support Services was the successful applicant and will receive the funds raised at the Adroit Golf Day held later this year in November.

Gateways Support Services is a community organisation that has been making a positive difference in the lives of children and adults who have a disability.  The Gateways pitch was presented by Rosemary Malone, asking for help for a group of young people with disabilities who are not so lucky.

“One has been living in a motel for months and two are living in short term emergency placements and more are about to become homeless.
“We are trying to create six real and stable homes for young people plus one emergency care unit, which will support up to 50 young people over a year.
“Anthony comes to see me each week to check on when his home will be ready.
“I asked him this week what he is looking forward to he said he wants his own key to his own home. He wants his friends to be able to come over. He wants his own garden and a garden shed where he can keep his tools and he wants a dog.”

All which will now be possible thanks to the Adroit Capital Grant and the Geelong Community Foundation who facilitated the application process.

2018 Adroit Golf Day Capital Grant awarded to Kids Plus Foundation

Adroit Insurance Group and the Geelong Community Foundation are proud to announce that the recipient of the Adroit Golf Day Capital Grant in 2018 is Kids Plus Foundation. The grant will be derived from the proceeds of the 2018 Adroit Insurance Group Charity Golf Day.

Kids Plus is a Geelong based provider of specialist allied health services for babies, children and young people with neurological developmental disabilities. Their programs include  early treatment and specific intervention strategies to improve children’s abilities across a range of developmental areas. Kids Plus specialise in interventions across the life-span for young people with cerebral palsy and similar neurological disorders.

The $90,000 Adroit Gold Day grant will support the incorporation of an outdoor therapy and playspace at their new building in Waurn Ponds that will open in January 2020.  The outdoor space has been designed specifically for the Kids Plus client group incorporating a number of different elements including hard court, sensory, bike track and sitting areas.  A feature of the outdoor space is the play zone which includes a range of swinging, climbing, balancing, sliding and spinning elements.

2017 Adroit Golf Day Capital Grant awarded to Bethany Community Support

Adroit Insurance Group and the Geelong Community Foundation are proud to announce that the recipient of the inaugural $100,000 Adroit Golf Day Capital Grant is Bethany Community Support. The grant will be derived from the proceeds of the 2017 Adroit Insurance Group Charity Golf Day.

Bethany was established in Geelong in 1868, and is a leading provider of support services to local women, men, children and families. Bethany’s broad range of programs includes specialist family violence services for women, children and men.

We are excited to be supporting Bethany through this grant to assist in the development of a Men’s Centre in Geelong. The Centre will play an important role in addressing the issue of family violence in our community. Sadly, in the City of Greater Geelong, Surf Coast Shire and Golden Plains Shire regions the prevalence of reported cases of family violence has risen by 71% over the past five years.

The Men’s Centre will provide a holistic response to the issue, by providing a suite of services for local men – both in the prevention and response to – family violence. Bethany have a bold vision for a service informed by cutting edge research, which will provide men the opportunity to access services ranging from Men’s Behaviour Change programs to counselling, GP services, fathering programs and mental health assessment.

“Bethany Community Support is incredibly grateful to Adroit Insurance Group and Geelong Community Foundation for their support. This is a highly innovative project which will provide ongoing benefits to the local community including employment and training opportunities, as well as, contributing to a reduction in incidences of family violence.” – Grant Boyd, CEO Bethany Community Support


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