Geelong Community Foundation grants are given annually to fund projects and programs for the benefit of the community.  Applications for 2017 grants are now closed.

It is well documented that some individuals or areas in our Region suffer from a combination of linked problems such as unemployment, low skills, low incomes, higher than average crime rates, poor health, mental health issues and family breakdown. These problems are in greater numbers in those areas identified as being more disadvantaged.

Compared with State averages in a G21 report, our Region has:

  • Lower levels of education, professional skills and training
  • Higher levels of poor physical health, such as obesity and poor diet as indicated by lower intakes of fruit and vegetables.
  • Higher levels of chronic disease, particularly in areas of identified disadvantage
  • Higher levels of depression and crime associated with violence

The Foundation’s key priority is to support programs which address these issues and impact positively upon the lives of the most disadvantaged within our community.

The Foundation will prioritise funding projects where the need is the greatest and where strategic solutions have been developed.

Funding Guidelines

Applications are invited from charitable or welfare not for profit organizations, which are either Income Tax Exempt and or endorsed as Deductible Gift Recipients.

Funding is available for grants up to $30,000 for each suitable program or project. The Geelong region is defined by the boundaries of the City of Greater Geelong, the Borough of Queenscliffe, the Surf Coast Shire and southern part of Golden Plains Shires.

While generally these grants are for a one-off activity which can be completed within 12 months and do not imply continuing support, the Foundation will consider applications for projects that have a two year life span only, with a maximum annual grant of $30,000 and no continuing support implied.  Please contact the Chief Executive Officer to discuss before applying.

If an agency has a very significant project that it believes will be of major benefit to the region and exceeds these amounts, then the Foundation is prepared to discuss and consider such a project. The application may be for a discrete part of a larger project.

Impact areas for our funded programs include:

  • Aged Support
  • Community Well Being
  • Education and Training
  • Family Support
  • Health Support
  • Heritage and Arts
  • Research and Innovation
  • Youth Support

Applications for 2017 Grants are now closed

The Foundation now provides two grant programs. The Small Grant program supports grants from $3,000 to $10,000 and closed 12th December 2016.  The Major Grant program is for grants from $10,000 to $30,000 and closed 27th February 2017. Read more here.

Grant documentation