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2019-20 Grant Applications Are Now Closed

Geelong Community Foundation grants are provided annually to fund projects and programs for the benefit of the broader Geelong community.  The Foundation has been providing grants to organisations in the Geelong region since 2001.  $7.7m has been granted to date, funding a diverse range of initiatives.

It is well documented that some individuals or areas in our region suffer from a combination of linked problems such as unemployment, low skills, low incomes, higher than average crime rates, poor health, mental health issues and family breakdown. These problems are in greater numbers in those areas identified as being more disadvantaged.

A range of Victorian Survey and Census data comparisons with State averages identify that our region has:

  • Lower levels of education, professional skills and training
  • Higher levels of poor physical health, such as obesity, poor diet and risk of harm from alcohol
  • Higher levels of chronic disease, particularly in areas of identified disadvantage
  • Higher levels of depression and crime associated with violence

The Foundation’s key priority is to support programs which address these issues and impact positively upon the lives of the most disadvantaged within our community.

The Foundation will prioritise funding projects where the need is the greatest and where strategic solutions have been developed.

New Online Application Process

A new online grant application process has been developed to improve the application experience for applicants and streamline data and information capture for the Foundation.  You will no longer be required to provide hard copy grant applications and documentation.

Below you will find a link  to direct you to the online application form.  The form can be partially completed, saved and an email will be sent to provide a link to allow you to continue the application process over time.

For those organisations who received funding in 2018/19, an online Grant Progress Report has also been developed.  You will find a link to this report in Part E of the application form.

We have taken a significant amount of time to develop and test this online process.  Should you experience any problems or have any questions regarding the grant program or application, please do not hesitate in contacting Gail Rodgers on 0431 059905 or .

Key dates:

  • Applications open Monday 10th December 2018
  • Applications close Monday 18th February 2019

Funding Guidelines:

Applications are invited from community organisations which are either endorsed as Deductible Gift Recipients 1 or with Income Tax Exemption as a Tax Concession Charity.  Organisations that are funded predominantly by state government, i.e. public hospitals, public schools etc., are ineligible to apply.

Funding is available for grants from $1,000 to $40,000 for suitable projects and programs. There will also be two grants provided from $40,000 to $100,000.  Organisations can apply only once.

While generally the $1,000 to $40,000 grants are for a one-off activity which can be completed within 12 months and do not imply continuing support, the Foundation will consider applications for projects or programs that have a two-year life span, with a maximum annual grant of $40,000 and no continuing support implied.

The two grants between $40,000 and $100,000 may be delivered over a two-year period.  Organisations applying for grants up to $100,000 will be required to present their case for funding at a face to face interview with members of the Foundation Grant Committee Review Panel.  Please contact the Chief Executive Officer to discuss your project before applying.

Grants must be for projects or programs that are delivered in the Geelong region.  The Geelong region is defined by the boundaries of the City of Greater Geelong, the Borough of Queenscliffe, the Surf Coast Shire and southern part of Golden Plains Shires.

Impact areas for our funded programs include:

  • Aged Care
  • Community Wellbeing
  • Education and Training
  • Family
  • Health
  • Heritage and Arts
  • Research and Innovation
  • Youth

Our Grant Committee will make recommendations for organisation funding to the Foundation Board at our April 2019 Board Meeting after which advice regarding the outcome of your application will be advised.  A Grant Agreement will be sent out for signature at the beginning of May and on their return, the grants will be paid.

You should familiarise yourself with the Grant Agreement Form to ensure your organisation can meet the requirements of the grant program.

Other Grant Opportunities in 2019

The $100,000 Adroit Golf Day Capital Grant will be available again in 2019 with details to follow midyear.

The Philanthropy 500 Grant will be available again in 2019 with a theme of ‘family’.  Details will be provided when the 2019 campaign launches in February.

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