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Committee Zoom Meeting 06 05 2020 (1)

P500 virtual launch

Due to current circumstances, we were unable to hold our much anticipated P500 launch that was scheduled in March. But, never fear, we are holding a virtual launch this Thursday at 7pm with a FaceBook live event. Tune in to our first ever FaceBook live event and hear from our P500 Chair, Simon Loader. Simon...

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Steam Preservation Society

Geelong Steam Preservation Society

Members of the Geelong Steam Preservation Society were delighted to receive a $9000 grant from the Geelong Community Foundation to help restore ‘Car 19’. Rescued from a paddock in South Australia, the one-hundred and forty-year-old workman’s car was in poor condition when it arrived at the society’s Queenscliffe workshop, where every Tuesday around twenty volunteers...

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Mackillop Web Immage

Campus Cafe’ Now Open for Staff and Students

A tuck-shop or canteen is a key feature at schools, however a campus café run by students? Now that’s something new. With the help of a grant from the Geelong Community Foundation, MacKillop Family Services’ Geelong Specialist School opened its very own student-run on campus café, designed to provide students with the skills required to...

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The power of a strong support network and the ‘Power In You’

By Olivia Brandimarti Behind many success stories, there is often an individual or group of individuals who helped pave the way, offered sage advice, or simply said ‘keep going’ when we thought we’d reached our lowest point. It is these individuals who enable us to stand strong as we face our own personal adversities. Three...

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March 2019 Newsletter

Read the latest news from the Foundation here.

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Family values underpin contribution to the Geelong Community


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A solid partnership provides a lasting impact

Through a solid partnership, the Geelong Community Foundation and Adroit Insurance & Risk have raised over $1,000,000 for the local community. Together the Geelong Community Foundation (Foundation) and Adroit Insurance & Risk (Adroit) have cultivated a genuine relationship, where Adroit’s passion and enthusiasm to create a real, lasting difference for the Geelong community combined with...

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Geelong Community Foundation to sustain the critical Geelong Food Relief Centre

The Geelong Food Relief Centre (GFRC) is a not for profit Geelong based Food Bank run exclusively by volunteers. GFRC aims to deliver nutritious food to individuals and families experiencing hardship. It has recently become one of the largest Regional Food Bank operations in Victoria. GFRC operates two fully stocked mini marts M-F 10.00am –...

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Active Geelong to increase awareness, education and access to physical activity for future generations.

Active Geelong was established in July 2017, their purpose is to increase access, opportunities and activities to boost physical activity in innovative forms throughout the Geelong region. Active Geelong is an ambition inspired by Project Initiator GMHBA to make Geelong the most active city in Australia. Sparking a collective movement to bring together leading businesses,...

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P500 is philanthropy for everyone

Philanthropy 500 (P500) seeks donations of $500 from individuals and organisations. The donations are pooled to provide a new community grant and also to create and add to annually a fund within the Foundation that will ensure longevity of the program. The 2018 grant theme is ‘youth’ decided via a vote from the P500 donors....

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Breaking the cycle of homelessness: Transition to a better future

Samaritan House in Geelong started as a seed of an idea in 2009 when 6 concerned citizens realised there was no accommodation in this region for homeless men. Initial discussions about the problem began around 2010 after the unavoidable closure of a Salvation Army hostel, reducing the crisis accommodation in a city of 220,000 people...

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Bluebirds innovative arts program is having a huge impact supporting children and increasing educational outcomes

The Bluebird Foundation is a community arts organisation that received the transformational grant of $30,000 from the Geelong Community Foundation in 2018. The grant is contributing to the TBA North Program, the program creates and delivers quality arts programs that focus’ on reducing poor educational outcomes through innovative arts interventions. TBA North is a holistic...

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