Bluebirds innovative arts program is having a huge impact supporting children and increasing educational outcomes

The Bluebird Foundation is a community arts organisation that received the transformational grant of $30,000 from the Geelong Community Foundation in 2018. The grant is contributing to the TBA North Program, the program creates and delivers quality arts programs that focus’ on reducing poor educational outcomes through innovative arts interventions.

TBA North is a holistic early childhood program at St Thomas Aquinas Primary School, Norlane and St Francis Xavier Primary School, Corio. It employs strategic, innovative arts interventions in an effort to redress poor educational outcomes. The program strives for effective, sustainable results for families.

The elements of the program that the Geelong Community Foundation supports include:

  • SingingLinks – a comprehensive program of daily singing in the Prep-2 classrooms. Designed to support students in becoming tuneful, beautiful and artful, whilst promoting literacy, numeracy and social outcomes.
  • MusicLinks – an extended transition-to-school program for parents/carers and their pre-prep children during the months prior to school entry. Weekly parent-child sessions provide a gentle and positive introduction to the school environment, building relationships between parents and school staff, and establishing a culture of mutual respect and parent
  • ClassLinks – the completion of the extended transition-to-school program that invites parents/carers into the classroom to learn together with their prep children during their first term of formal schooling.
  • North Children’s Choir (to commence in 2019) – a choral program for selected students from both schools combined, incorporating traditional age-appropriate choral music providing a pathway of musical excellence and performance opportunities

Bluebird is making a real difference in people’s lives, it recognises the power of the arts to effect cultural change within communities. This Bluebird Foundation improves the social, emotional and health outcomes for those involved. Their projects are collaborative and needs-based, they are supported by exceptional professional artists who guide, teach and inspire. Bluebird takes pride in their hands-on approach creating unique art projects that are tailored to the needs of participants.

The program is increasingly building momentum as families and the school staff recognise the benefits for these early learners. The teachers who have been involved in the SingingLinks program since its inception in 2017 are becoming more and more skilled and dedicated to ensuring that singing is a daily part of their classroom programs. The teachers notice the benefits from the children through their improved listening skills, the faster aural learning capacity of students and the increased musicality amongst their students.

The Bluebird Foundation recognised the need for a program to assist the many children in the community who begin school with developmental vulnerabilities. The grant has immensely helped bring the program to life by supporting children and families to engage joyfully with school staff and programs before starting their formal education.

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