Our Donors / Named Sub Funds

Named Sub Funds are a growing way philanthropists can give to the Geelong Community Foundation. The gift in these cases can carry the name of the donor or the donor’s family. The name may honour someone or preserve the memory of a family member, friend, pioneer or outstanding citizen or the Sub Fund could be about your business and its support of the community through the Foundation.

These Sub Funds are recorded annually in the Foundation’s Annual Report unless anonymity is requested. Gifts made during a donor’s lifetime are tax deductible. A gift can also be made – or added to – through a bequest.

Sub Funds with the following names have been established in the Foundation.  Many of our donors have opted to provide a story that includes some background and information about their decision to support the Foundation.


Donor Story Booklet Cover



Click on the donors names below to read their story

or view our  Donor Stories booklet  2000 – 2022





If you would like to discuss the establishment of a Sub Fund, please contact Gail Rodgers or Tony McManus.