Named Funds are a growing way philanthropists can give to the Geelong Community Foundation. The gift in these cases can carry the name of the donor or the donor’s family. The name may honour someone or preserve the memory of a family member, friend, pioneer or outstanding citizen.

These Named Funds are recorded annually in the Foundation’s Annual Report unless anonymity is requested. Gifts made during a donor’s lifetime are tax deductible. A gift can also be made – or added to – through a bequest.

Funds with the following names have been established in the Foundation.

A & A Lawson Family Fund
Adabrae Fund
Adroit Insurance Group Fund
Adroit Golf Day Fund
Advisory Partners Fund
Alan & Sheila David Family Fund
Allison Murphy Scholarship Fund
Alsop Family Fund
Angelo Kakouros Fund
Anonymous Funds 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8
Antony Family Fund
Apco Fund
Backwell IXL Fund
Bailey Family Fund
Bain Family Fund
Balaam Family Fund
Barber Fund
Bourke Family Fund
Coltman Family Fund
Corio Community Contact Fund
Corless Family Fund
Crowe Horwath Fund
Darryn Lyons Fund
Deam Family Fund
Denis & Denice Peacock Family Fund
Donald Geoffrey Neilson Fund
Dorothy Jean Scholarship Fund
Dowling Family Fund
DR & VJ Lawrence Fund
Dr Haz Hussain-Yusuf Fund
Ed & Sharon Coppe Fund
Edwards Family Fund
E F & W Dimmick Fund
Estate of Fred & Pauline Flanagan
Estate of Harold Leighton
Estate of Howard Hitchcock
Estate of Lesley Yvonne Taylor
Estate of Margaret Ann Cody
Fagg Family Fund
Fisher Family Fund
Fleur Nicholson Fund
Frank Costa Fund
Geelong Northern and Eastern Suburbs Fund
Geoffrey & Betty Betts Family Fund
Greg & Kerri Crawford Fund
G & H Work Family Fund
Hayden Family Fund
HDL Fund
Henderson Family Fund
H & M Munday Fund
Illingworth Family Fund
James M Kavanagh Fund
Jason Breen Scholarship Fund
JC Bowen Estate
J G Moffatt Fund
John & Prue Webb Fund
J & C Gulli Family Fund
J & C Gulli Scholarship Fund
J & P Brockman Fund
Justin van Laar Memorial Fund
Kenneth Neil Stott Fund
Kitson Family Fund
Lake Imaging Fund
LBW Fund
Les and Trevor Cole Fund
Lino & Marina Bisinella Fund
Louise Gourlay Fund
McHarry’s Buslines Fund
McManus Family Fund
Michael & Louise King Family Fund
Miles Family Scholarship Fund
MJ & HJ Fraser and JW Brownbill Fund
Muirfield Financial Services Fund
Nash Family Fund
Neville & Dianne Crane Fund
Northern Bay College Scholarship Fund
O’Shannassy Family Fund
PA Caldwell Fund
Pam & Richard Austin Family Fund
Patrick and Ann Rowan Fund
Peter & Annette Tanner Family Fund
Peter Johnston Fund
Peter & Judith Hudson Family Fund
Philanthropy 500
Quarrell Family Fund
Ramia Family Fund
Ray Frost Family Fund
Reilly Family Fund
RLB Fund
Robert Andrews Leggatt
Robin & Marjorie Gray Fund
Ron Thompson Scholarship Fund
Ross & Jan Synot Family Fund
Rotary Club of Highton Fund
SS & J Nevile Fund
Singer Family Fund
Stewart Family Fund
Surf Coast Charitable Fund
Swanborough Fund
T & H Santalucia Family Fund
The George Fund
The Rural Education & Retraining Fund
Tim & Mary Farley Family Fund
Tom Cleary Memorial Fund
Torney Family Fund
WAM Fund
Wheeler Financial Services Fund
Whitehead & Agar Family Fund
Whyte, Just and Moore Fund
William Garth Little Estate
Williamson and Baulch Families Fund
Wood Family Fund
Yvonne Bernath Fund