Key Benefits

Your Gift Working Forever


Giving through the Geelong Community Foundation is an efficient and easy alternative to setting up a permanent, private foundation. There are no establishment fees, compliance issues or ongoing costs such as accounting, audit and legal costs. The Foundation administration fee of approximately 2% on capital covers all related costs.

Donor involvement

You can establish your own named fund for as little as $10,000 which can be paid over a three year period. Donor advice is encouraged and is used to target issues of interest to donors, aligned to targeted areas of need in the community. Donors can remain anonymous or choose their level of involvement and profile. Opportunities will be made to donors to attend forums, grant presentations and information sessions.

Tax Benefits

The Foundation is a unique way through which tax deductible gifts can be made. Your donations go even further as earnings are subsequently exempt from tax.

A permanent solution

The Foundation is a long-term, appreciating community asset. All donations are responsible and ethically managed in perpetuity. The Foundation will continue to offer a lasting legacy to you philanthropic endeavours in our region.