Our Vision

To be recognised as the most influential leader in Philanthropy in the Geelong Region. To be a Foundation that is of sufficient size to be able to contribute to the wellbeing of the Community and affect positive, long-term change.

Our Mission

The Foundation engages new and existing donors in order to increase the corpus. Grants are given on the basis of community need, pathways and delivering behavioural change — delivering relief, resilience and self-sufficiency. Due diligence is undertaken in all decisions.

Our Purpose

The Geelong Community Foundation exists to make a lasting difference to people in the Geelong region.

Our Role

The Geelong region has needs that are not being met from other funding sources. The Geelong Community Foundation encourages individuals, families, corporates and other organisations to make donations to meet these needs, now and in the future. These donations are retained as capital by the Foundation to build a perpetual and substantial fund for philanthropic purposes, with only the income from this capital used to make local community grants.

Our Aims

  • Encourage giving by creating awareness and providing information, advice and support to new and existing donors.
  • Manage and invest funds prudently, to achieve fund growth and good returns.
  • Make grants for the long-term benefit of our community and evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Provide a simple, cost-effective way to make substantial donations.
  • Be part of new initiatives and achievements in community building.
  • Maintain professional standards, service and transparency to the community.

Our Values

  • We have a strong donor-organisation relationship.
  • We treat all donors with respect.
  • We strive for excellence in all we do.
  • We seek to be innovative and welcome new ideas.