Your Gift Working Forever

Become a donor

The Geelong Community Foundation encourages individuals, families and businesses to donate to the Foundation so that the accumulated capital (the corpus) is retained in the Geelong region and the income generated is used to meet the need of the local community.

The Foundation is different from most other charitable organisations. When you donate to the Foundation your gift establishes your own Sub Fund and is added to the corpus from which income is derived for annual distribution as grants. The funds are invested with an emphasis on security and under the guidance of professional advisers.

The Foundation invites the public to contribute to their Sub Fund each year but it does not conduct a major fund raising appeal.

The Choice is Yours

When a donor makes a tax deductible gift to the Foundation it is credited to the Gift Fund. All gifts are pooled for investment purposes and are subject to the terms of the Foundation Trust Deed. Non tax-deductible gifts such as bequests are credited to the Open Fund and pooled with other bequests. These gifts are subject to the terms of the Open Fund Trust Deed.  There is no entry fee or establishment cost. Whichever of these forms of giving you may choose will be welcomed.

We as a community can make a difference, by helping each other. People in the Geelong region, with a philanthropic desire to support their community, can put their money where their heart is and donate to the Foundation. They see the Foundation as a way of assisting with support and helping to find solutions to the many challenges facing the people of our region.

There are many social issues facing our region and the task is huge, but so is the resolve of many people, including the Foundation.