Connecting with legal and finance professionals in the region

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Guest Speaker, Ian Raspin and Deb Anderson, Lawyer from Harwood Andrews

On Thursday September 8 at the Geelong Library, the Foundation co-hosted a professional development event with Foley’s List for legal and finance professionals in the region. The purpose of this event was to support lawyers and financial planners in the community by extending their knowledge on gifts in wills. “

The event provides the opportunity for the Foundation to connect with professionals and update them on our work and how gifts in wills, which make up over 30% of our corpus, are supporting the community. The conversation about leaving a gift in your will can have a lasting impact on the community.

Guest speakers Andrew Dickenson and Ian Raspin explained why it’s important to get the right advice around gifts in wills, as well as what to focus on in establishing a will. Andrew is from the Victorian Bar and shared some insights on trust income – the trustee’s obligations and beneficiaries’ rights. Andrew is from Geelong and was practising law locally before he joined the Victorian Bar. Ian Raspin is a Managing Director of BNR Partners and spoke about tax strategies for deceased estates with tax exempt beneficiaries. Ian has been specialising in taxation of deceased estates for more than 20 years and is recognised both nationally and internationally on Australian estate taxation matters.

Sincere thanks to Deb Anderson from Harwood Andrews and Co-opted Member of the Foundation Donor Committee and Allana Goldsworthy Foundation Board Member, for assistance with organising the event.

Gifts in wills are one of the most valuable ways to give back to your community. We hope you might consider leaving something for your community through the Geelong Community Foundation.