World Earth Day with Geelong Sustainability

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For World Earth Day, we are proud to highlight the work of Geelong Sustainability, a for-purpose community organisation that supports residents of Geelong and surrounding regions to be more sustainable in their everyday lives.

Since its establishment in 2007, Geelong Sustainability has become the region’s leading sustainability group with extensive networks in community, government and business throughout Geelong and the Barwon region. It is recognised for its evidence-based innovative projects, which educate and support the community’s transition to a net zero, circular economy.

“The community wants to change, or make improvements, but lacks the time, expertise and understanding of where to start, and also the upfront capital”, said Tania Bartlett, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Geelong Sustainability.

“Our Community Power Hub is focused on helping for-purpose organisations with these challenges as well as removing the burden that rising energy costs place on community organisations.”

The Community Power Hub addresses these challenges by offering expert advice, an understanding of the energy industry, and guidance on sustainable energy practices, all while enabling these organisations to focus on their core services.

“The program also offers access to the Community Energy Revolving Fund, which provides no-interest loans to support local for-purpose organisations in accessing energy upgrades,” said Tania.

The Geelong Community Foundation provided Sustainability Geelong with a $50,000 grant in the 2022-23 Grant Round that has driven the following outcomes:

Sustainability Geelong has worked with over 30 locally-based for-purpose organisations including churches, food relief hubs, sporting clubs, and community and hobby groups;

It has helped people to assess rooftop solar and batteries, with long terms plans to move away from gas, apply for grants, find better energy deals, energy efficiency, and to fix other related problems such as insulation;

Over 70kW has already been installed by participants with a further 70kW in advanced discussion. Groups have also installed efficiency upgrades to cut costs, replacing old freezers and installing efficient heaters.

When asked about the importance of World Earth Day, Tania hopes that it continues to bring more awareness to the plight of our planet and how we can each make individual changes.

“Working in the area, it has been inspiring to see how much work various groups are already doing within their own organisations in order to cut emissions,” she said.

“The Community Power Hub is here to boost and support these efforts, and continue to get these projects moving forward.”

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