Balaam Family Fund

The Balaam Family Fund with the Geelong Community Foundation was established to recognise three generations of Balaams in Geelong and the various ways they have contributed to this community, and will continue to add value to assist those in need.

“Knowing the importance of philanthropy and how it can transform lives, there’s just so much need. And if we all do a little bit, it can help alleviate some of that need,” shares Andrew Balaam. “It makes a real difference, and the people you connect with that do give are happier – it gives a sense of purpose. That’s an important message to any community: to see where the joy lies in giving and helping others,” he continues.

Inspired by his parents’ generosity in the community, Andrew has been involved with many philanthropic community organisations around Geelong. He was Frank Costa’s Personal Assistant and Advisor for almost two decades, is Joint Founder and Deputy Chair of Samaritan House in Geelong and works as Advisor/Special Projects at Cottage by the Sea.

“Growing up, our parents were large givers to the community in a number of different ways, so it just became the norm. Hopefully we’ve lived our lives that way so our daughters will do a similar thing, which I’m seeing being demonstrated already – they get joy from giving, which is great.”

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