Active Geelong to increase awareness, education and access to physical activity for future generations.

Active Geelong was established in July 2017, their purpose is to increase access, opportunities and activities to boost physical activity in innovative forms throughout the Geelong region.

Active Geelong is an ambition inspired by Project Initiator GMHBA to make Geelong the most active city in Australia. Sparking a collective movement to bring together leading businesses, doctors, researchers and individuals to address the issue of physical inactivity in the Geelong region. Speaking to Pat Murnane Active Geelong’s Executive Board Support Officer he believes Geelong is ideally placed to be Australia’s most active city thanks to the environment, weather, infrastructure and access to world leaders in physical activity research.

Active Geelong’s research indicates that 37% of the Geelong population do not meet current physical activity guidelines of participating in at least 30-60 minutes of physical activity at least 5 days of the week. The goal by 2020 is to increase the amount of Geelong residents by encouraging higher levels of physical activity to all age groups and segments of the Geelong region. Active Geelong wants to engage at least 25% of Geelong businesses by supporting them as movement champions.

A grant from Geelong Connected Communities initially allowed Active Geelong to complete Stage 1 of its website platform, which involved giving the organisation an online presence in the Geelong community. The grant from The Geelong Community Foundation allowed progression into Stage 2. This involves expanding the functionality of the website so that it becomes interactive for use by Geelong residents. It is anticipated that their website will become a leading-edge interactive platform used by all Geelong residents, medical professionals, businesses and organisations to promote the importance of physical activity for a healthy lifestyle.

When asked what Active Geelong are most excited about with their project, Pat Murnane said “The opportunity to create generational change by helping the Geelong community recognise the value of physical activity for good health outcomes – and in some point in the future be able to measure the success of Active Geelong’s contribution towards a healthier city.”

Active Geelong has created an advocacy sub-committee for passionate professionals employed by organisations who support Active Geelong.  Geelong businesses can get involved with Active Geelong by partnering with us as a Movement Partner or Movement Supporter. Geelong residents can join our ‘MOVEMENT movement’ by registering for Active Geelong for free by visiting our website.

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