Geelong Community Foundation to sustain the critical Geelong Food Relief Centre

The Geelong Food Relief Centre (GFRC) is a not for profit Geelong based Food Bank run exclusively by volunteers. GFRC aims to deliver nutritious food to individuals and families experiencing hardship. It has recently become one of the largest Regional Food Bank operations in Victoria.

GFRC operates two fully stocked mini marts M-F 10.00am – 3.00pm with both sites strategically positioned in North Geelong and Geelong CBD. Clients currently redeeming food vouchers at GFRC minimarts receive approximately 5-6 times more value than if they visited a supermarket. In addition to the food redemption vouchers, GFRC distributes bulk food in a facility located in North Geelong. Each year GFRC distributes tonnes of food to micro food banks within the Geelong region.

In 2018/19 the organisation will provide emergency food relief to around 37,000 individuals and provide the bulk distribution to 47 micro food agencies within G21. Furthermore, they are heavily involved in providing food for school breakfasts and educational programs throughout our region. Overtime, GFRC has become one of the leaders in providing emergency food relief in Victoria. Without this charity, people in need living within our community would not have the ability to visit a site that can provide a compassion, dignity and most of all client choice.

The biggest challenge faced by GFRC includes inconsistent financial funding. Receiving no government funding to date while attempting to offset high operational costs and space restrictions causes strain and hardship on the organisation. The Geelong Community Foundation previously provided much needed financial funding to assist in offsetting rising operational costs and in 2017/18 grant funding was directed toward offsetting the weekly purchase of fresh fruit and vegetables for GFRC minimarts.

In order for GFRC to remain financially viable it is critical for the community to offer financial support. Corporate and private financial donations are always greatly appreciated to ensure this critical service is sustainable now and into the future.

To date GFRC has 90 dedicated volunteers attached to the operation and together work towards providing much-needed emergency food relief to those in need living within the region.

If you would like to volunteer or assist the GFRC, enquiries can be made by emailing

To find out more about The Geelong Community Foundation please contact us.