Backwell IXL Scholarship Fund

Over the last 165 years, Backwell IXL Pty Ltd has grown from a blacksmith’s shop in Geelong West to become a diversified Australian manufacturer and distributor of domestic appliances, pressed and roll-formed metal products and metal castings.

Today, the Backwell IXL group manufactures in Geelong and distributes the IXL Tastic and Luminate bathroom heat vent and light products. It is also the Australian and New Zealand distributor for iRobot robotic floor cleaning appliances.

The Backwell IXL group also manufactures automotive components and a broad range of ferrous castings for customers in the engineering, mining and resource processing industries.

The Backwell family started the Backwell IXL Fund in support of the Foundation’s objectives to assist people in need in our community, with a specific focus on improving educational opportunities.

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