Corio Community Contact Fund

For a number of years Vital Link Geelong was involved with supply of emergency pendant alerts which allow people to continue to live independently at home.

The development of this programme had support from councils, service clubs and many individuals and it operated as a small business linked in with a major provider of these services from interstate. Part of the programme was supply of services to people who could not afford the equipment.

When the contract for provision of these services was moved to a Ballarat provider it was decided that Vital Link Geelong be wound up.  As surplus funds had been generated from donations and operations in the Geelong region, the directors desired that funds released should be available, where possible, for projects in the community that would support the aged to continue living in their own homes.

It was decided that the Foundation would be the best organisation to hold the funds and make appropriate grants. At the wind up, $380,000 was gifted to the Geelong Community Open Fund and some of the income from these funds is being used to provide pendant alerts to those unable to afford this equipment.

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