J & C Gulli Scholarship Fund

Agata (Aggie to her close friends) was born in 1943 in the city of Messina, Sicily, in Italy. At 12 years of age, she and her family moved from Italy to Geelong in the hopes of a better life. Aggie went to school until she was 14, but was then forced to begin working at the Geelong Mills to help with the family expenses. She always regretted her lack of education and was determined that her own children would be given the best education possible. Aggie married and had four children. She and her husband saved hard to ensure their children were given a Catholic education at local Catholic schools.

At age 46, Aggie’s friend informed her of a cleaning position that had become vacant at the school where she currently worked. Aggie applied for the job and was successful, and this began her 16-year journey at Sacred Heart College (SHC). Aggie thrived in her position. She worked hard and made many new friends among the cleaning and teaching staff of the school. Within a few years she became manager of the cleaning department, and continued in this position until she retired at 62.

Aggie’s time at SHC was one of the proudest, most enjoyable times of her life. She grew in confidence and ability, and discovered talents she never dreamed she had. She was always known for her hospitality and love of cooking, and regularly brought biscotti, pizza, cakes and other delightful treats for the staff within the school.

Aggie’s Gift is the J & C Gulli Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to a student who is a high achiever, and demonstrates a commitment to the Mercy values of Sacred Heart College and to her studies in hospitality.

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