MJ & HJ Fraser & JW Brownbill Fund

John Brownbill & his sister Margaret Fraser learnt about the Geelong Community Foundation through the social network of St Davids Uniting Church. John was a 30-year employee at the Geelong Harbor Trust in an Accounting role. His sister Margaret Fraser worked initially in Retail at Solomons, then at the Geelong Water Board. She married a Scottish immigrant, Hugh Fraser. John was well travelled & known across the Greater Geelong Region & now is enjoying the lifestyle of a local Aged Care facility.

John & his late sister really appreciated the simplicity of the funding model that the Geelong Community Foundation is based on. They were also impressed with the number of donors like the Founding Chair Geoff Neilson who they were acquaintances of, deriving a feeling of confidence in the stewardship of the Board. The Geelong Community Foundation also gave them a sense of service or giving back to the whole of the Community.

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