Reilly Family Fund

Tony and Sue Reilly (nee West) were born in the same hospital in Geelong a week apart. During what has been described as a “romantic gap” they each attended school in Geelong and then spread their wings attending Universities in Melbourne, travelling and pursuing careers in Chemical Engineering and Speech Pathology respectively. Somehow the “gap” was bridged when Tony and Sue in their early 30’s met, married and settled back into Geelong! With their two young children they then spread the family wings, moving to Corowa NSW and then Melbourne for a total of 10 years. Home territory drew them back and in time for secondary school education for their children, Tony and Sue moved to the Bellarine Peninsular.

Always mindful of the good fortune they had experienced in their lives, Tony and Sue had endeavored to give fairly to a range of charities. As time went on, this task became more difficult, with an overwhelming number of mailouts, phone calls, emails and text messages, reminding them about ongoing support or asking for more!

Whilst acknowledging the importance of looking at needs of people living distantly, Tony and Sue turned their sights closer to home. They had already become involved in the work of Cottage by the Sea, with Sue recently reaching the 20 year milestone on the Bellarine Branch. The Geelong Community Foundation was the perfect fit for their focus. They have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different organizations supported by the Foundation and particularly like the involvement of younger supporters via the Philanthropy 500 and the Schools and Philanthropy programs. It is an honor to be able to give back in the Geelong region in the immediate and short term as well as far into the future. They thank the hard working board and staff who ensure that the Fund is like the ‘magic pudding’ that keeps on giving.