Embrace Awareness Fund

Chelsea Dolby is the founder and organiser of the Embrace Awareness Gala Dinner, which raises awareness and funds around the issue of domestic violence, especially in the Geelong community.

This charity organisation was born out of passion. Chelsea’s inspiration to start this event came from being a survivor of domestic violence herself. She wanted to make a difference in the Geelong community by standing up, speaking out and helping others affected by this destructive issue.

The Embrace Awareness Fund was established in 2018 as a part of the annual Gala Dinner.

The vision and purpose of this Fund is to provide financial assistance for families in crisis who would otherwise not be able to afford for their children to participate in recreational activities such as football, netball, swimming, piano lessons etc. Embrace Awareness believes and advocates that all children, no matter their circumstance, should have access to their chosen sport or activity.

We all know kids need sports and the benefits that young people receive from being connected with a sport or activity. Kids recovering from domestic violence trauma can benefit from sports and other activities on far greater scale.

These kids are often alienated from their friends, suddenly change schools and experience massive disturbance, upheaval and trauma. It’s imperative to give these kids a helping hand to rebuild their young lives and assist them to create a new and positive reality for themselves. Sports and other activities can make a huge difference.

Children often feel embarrassed, isolated and disadvantaged when their parents cannot or are no longer able to afford extra-curricular activities. Participating in activities provides a child with a sense of purpose and belonging and the opportunity to build friendships. They stay connected and engaged within the community and have access to a positive adult role model.

Many children recovering from domestic violence have a negative view of adults and a sport or activity is a great opportunity for them to connect to an adult in a positive and supportive environment. Being connected with a team, a club, a centre or even just a tutor or coach ensures kids continue to feel socially included and supported. Recreational activities can provide a child with routine, stability and escape from the many changes and emotional demands they experience from domestic and family violence.

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