Justin van Laar Memorial Fund

The van Laar family has established a Memorial Fund in the name of Justin van Laar, who died at a young age from cancer.

This Family Fund has as its primary aim the support of projects and programs related to cancer research and support of those being treated for cancer in all its various forms.

Justin’s elder brother, Ryan, works in cancer research and is the founder of Geneseq Biosciences. This company is based in Melbourne, developing breakthrough genomic tests for early and accurate cancer diagnosis.

The entire family supports the Geelong Community Foundation and has made provision accordingly in the Estate.

Justin’s father, Barton, has been actively engaged in the Foundation from the start, and encourages everyone to open a Named Fund and contribute regularly. The main reasons for his involvement are: the long-term approach of the Foundation; its performance and independence; the low-cost of administration; and the need to give back to the community.

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