Louise Gourlay Fund

Louise Gourlay


Louise Gourlay OAM is not a resident of the Geelong region but regularly “passes through”.  She steadfastly believes that along with privilege goes responsibility and knows that the causes that need help and support are the same in most communities.  Louise knows that due care and thought are given to granting decisions made by the Foundation so for this reason she decided to become a contributor to the good work that has been achieved in the region – with care and integrity.

Louise’s broad charitable sector experience enables her to attest to the fact that the various community foundations throughout Victoria and beyond have made and are making a significant contribution to the lives of those in various situations of need.  She maintains that bringing together a community to work towards a positive outcome is not an easy task but observes that this has been achieved in Geelong through the hard work, sincerity and resourcefulness of the staff and volunteers of this foundation.  Louise is confident in the knowledge that her contributions are being wisely applied and she encourages others to enjoy the same pleasure and privilege of helping others through giving.

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